Did You Know….?

Do windows cause condensation?

No, condensation on windows is not the fault of the window. However, by replacing drafty windows and doors or installing a new roof or siding, you are reducing air flow in your home and making it tighter. Tighter homes actually retain more humidity.

Where on a window does condensation normally form and why?

Condensation often forms at the meeting rail and at the bottom of the lower sash on the interior of the glass. This is because when warm air cools, it falls down across the interior surface of the window at the same time the air’s temperature is falling. The air contacts the horizontal surface of the meeting rail, which acts like a dam, slowing the air’s rate of fall and creating the perfect opportunity for the trapped water vapor to escape and form on the meeting rail’s surface. The air then rolls over the edge of the meeting rail and again gains speed until it encounters the lower handle of the sash. At this point, the water vapor again makes its exit and lies at the bottom of the sash.

Can I reduce the condensation on my windows?

Yes. In order to reduce condensation, humidity must be controlled and air movement must be generated. As the exterior temperature drops, the humidity level needs to decrease if condensation is to be controlled.

What steps can I take to reduce humidity in my home?

The two main things you can do are to control sources of moisture and increase ventilation. To decrease or control excess humidity and condensation:

Use exhaust fans in your kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms.
Vent gas burners, clothes dryers, etc. to the outdoors.
Shut off furnace humidifiers and other humidifying devices in your home.
Be sure that the ventilating louvers in your attic, basement or crawl spaces are open and amply sized.
Open fireplace dampers to allow an escape route for moisture-laden air.
Air out your house a few minutes each day.

Suggested Advance Scheduling by Month

January: 1-2 Days February: 1-2 Days
March: 3-5 Days April: 5-14 Days
May: 7-14 Days June: 7-14 Days
July: 5-12 Days August: 5-12 Days
September: 5-14 Days October: 5-14 Days
November: 3-7 Days December: 2-5 Days

Glass Restoration

Daily exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, misdirected sprinkler heads, pre-cast leaching and run-off, metal oxidation, glazing breakdown, acid rain, and other environmental pollutants can leave damaging deposits on glass and window frames. If addressed soon enough, many of these deposits can be removed with relative ease (usually by hand) and rather inexpensively as compared to the cost of an extensive glass restoration project. This is because the stains are on the surface of the glass. Left untreated, however, these deposits will eventually chemically bond with the glass, requiring removal of its top layer in order to restore the glass to an acceptable condition. This process (usually a combination of chemicals and high-speed buffers) is extremely labor intensive, and can be very expensive.

Glass Restoration is the process of restoring glass to its original pristine appearance by removing stains, corrosion, or etching that cannot be removed with regular window cleaning. Because glass is such a porous substance, it is extremely susceptible to mineral deposits. Unfortunately, apartments/building owners often underestimate the amount of regular maintenance required to maintain the original sparkle and shine of glass. The trend towards less frequent maintenance of the glass on many commercial buildings has, in many cases, resulted in extensive damage that is very expensive to repair or replace.

What causes condensation on windows?

Whenever there is excess humidity in a home, it manifests itself in the form of condensation on the coldest area of a wall, which is normally the windows. The warmer the air, the more moisture it will retain, so when air in your home comes in contact with the colder glass surface, it is subsequently cooled and moisture is released in the form of condensation on the glass.

Understanding Condensation

Ever wonder why condensation forms on your windows—and what you can do to prevent it? Below is a collection of questions and answers designed to provide you with a better understanding of what condensation is and how to minimize it.

Screen Cleaning

Screen cleaning is very important. Dirty screens will make clean window look dirty and the next hard rain will leave dirt spots on window. Not only is screen cleaning important for appearance but also for your health. Dirty screens hold dust and allergens that can effect your respiratory system. We recommend to clean your screens at least 2-3 times a year.

Clean windows sells more houses

According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by the real estate website HomeGain.com and published in the June, 2003 issue of Money Magazine (page 106), washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price.

Project Typical Cost Return on Investment
Lighten and brighten home, wash windows *$150 to $250 768%
Clean and de-clutter $305 to $339 594
Landscape and trim front yard and back yard $432 to $506 266
Repair electrical and plumbing problems $338 to $381 196
Spruce up decor, including flowers $812 to $1,089 169
Update kitchen and bathroom $1,546 to $2,120 138

According to Realtor Magazine Online the fourth thing a seller must do before putting their home one the market is to clean the windows.

“Windows. Natural sunlight does wonders for the appearance of a home’ so remind sellers to give their windows a good cleaning…”

“Make sure they don’t forget to Clean Screens, too. It’s also important that any window coverings are free of dust and dirt…”

Principles of Feng Shui

Yes ,feng shui can help you attract more luck and success. Absolutely!
It is helpful to know that ancient feng shui masters defined three levels of luck – Heaven, Earth, and Mankind. While you cannot change your date and place of birth (Heaven Luck); you can definitely strongly improve your other two levels of luck.
Your Earth Luck is strengthened when you live in a place with, strong and vibrant Chi, in other words when you consciously choose the location and the state of your home to bring you the best quality feng shui energy.
Your Mankind Luck is the one you create by work, strong focus and smart decisions. And, of course, by understanding and applying smart feng shui in your daily life.

Simple cleaning ideas to remove the dirt from your windows each season

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the windows represent the eyes of the home. It is important for the eyes of your home to be free from defects, and dirt. The windows should be sparkling clean to allow you to see the world with clarity and for the world to see you with clarity. Windows symbolize the vision you have of the world and the vision the world has of you.

The ideal windows open outward and are octagonal or arched shaped windows. Often, homes are filled with rectangular-shaped windows. To soften the edges of the windows use drapery suited for the season.

Before You Clean Your Windows

Go to each window in your home and write about its physical characteristics.

Is there mold?

Are the windows difficult to open?

Are they clean or dirty?

Are the window frames filled with knick knacks?

It is important for you to take an inventory of your windows. Often our homes reflect our inner being. Windows that are difficult to open may symbolize your unwillingness to let people into your life. Clean your window at least 4 times a year, a simple reminder is to clean them at the start of each new season.

Window Cleaning Tips

Clean the windows with a natural cleaner. As you clean the window, visualize the dirt as the stagnant or blocked chi that you are removing to allow the sun to bring vital and positive chi into the home.

Remove the clutter from the windowsills and do a deep cleaning of the wood.

Repair or replace any damaged windows.

Window Cleaner Recipes

Fill a clean spray bottle with club soda. Spray on those windows and wipe clean with a rag or paper towel.

Fill a clean spray bottle with a 50:50 vinegar and water solution. Spray on the windows and wipe clean with a rag or paper towel.

Use a squeegee and water to clean the windows like the Professionals.

Mildew and Mold Remover for Windowsills

Combine 2 cups of baking soda with enough water to make a smooth thick paste. Apply the paste to the window ledge and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off with a soft rag moving in a circular motion. Once the paste is off, spray the ledge with a 50/50-vinegar/water rinse. The rinse will remove any residue and disinfect the area as well.

Window Treatments

Change the window treatments with the seasons. For the winter have darker and heavier material on the window to keep the cold out of your home. In the summer, change to lighter material with vibrant colors for the window treatments.

Roller shades and blinds are great to ensure privacy in the home. Use a roller shade that keeps neighbors from peering in but allows the sun to shine brightly in your home.

Open the drapes in the morning to allow the sun to penetrate in the home, to bring fresh and vital chi into the home.

Close the drapes in the evening to allow the home to rest as you rest. It is considered bad Feng Shui luck to keep the window treatments open in the evening.